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Services Offered in Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs

A set of core services is very important for all intensive outpatient treatment efforts (IOT) and must be a standard part of the treatment package for each client. Enhanced services often are added and delivered either on site or through functional and formal linkages with community-based agencies or individual providers.

The difference between core services and this increase is rather flexible. What will be considered enhanced services for the general care population may be a core service for certain client groups. For example, a program that serves primarily working mothers of young children may view providing child care and arranging transportation as core program elements.

These same services are unlikely to be needed by most clients in an IOT program that treats mostly employed single men who do not have children living with them.  You can find rest of the information about Intensive Outpatient Program via

Group Counseling and Therapy

The group forms the core of most IOT programs. Some recent studies confirm that, to provide recurrent prevention training, the group’s approach is at least as effective as a one-on-one format. Group counseling allows programs to balance the cost of more expensive individual counseling services. A group approach supports IOT clients by

  • Providing opportunities for clients to develop communication skills and participate socialization experience; this is particularly useful for individuals whose socializing has revolved around using drugs or alcohol
  • Building an environment where clients help, support, and, if necessary, confront each other
  • Introducing the structure and discipline to the lives of clients who are often chaotic
  • Providing norms that reinforce healthful ways of interacting and a safe and supportive therapeutic milieu that is crucial for recovery

In IOT programs, individual counseling is also an important, supportive adjunct to group sessions but not the primary form of treatment.