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How to Pack Electronics For Moving?

While moving to a new location, the most challenging task is to self-pack, load and unload heavy and delicate electronic devices like computers, televisions and other home appliances.

So, it’s always recommended to hire a professional moving company to ensure all your high-dollar investments remain intact. Visit and request a moving quote.

However, if you’re planning to pack your electronics for the big move, follow these tips:

1.  Get your devices ready

Before your toss everything, from the TV remote to computer cable in boxes, make sure your electronic devices are ready.

Some of the tips to follow are:

  • Get temporary insurance coverage for your electronics
  • Take batteries out of all devices like remotes
  • Charge up all your battery-operated devices a couple of days before you move
  • Remove CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays from devices
  • Remove toner cartridges from printers
  • Backup important data and files before putting a computer or laptop in storage
  • Detach wires, cords and all peripherals from your computer or television

You can even hire a moving company to get all your electronic devices ready and ensure a smooth relocation. Click here to seek professional help.

2.  Gather packing material

The right packaging ensures that all your expensive items are safe during the tedious process of packing and moving household things.

Some of the packing material you can use are:

  1. Thick and sturdy cardboard boxes offer extra protection and adequate padding.
  2. Anti-static bubble wrap is a good option to cushion your devices.
  3. If possible, get the original boxes in which your devices were purchased.
  4. Packing paper is a must to keep your electronics dust free during a move.
  5. Packing tape is important to seal all the boxes securely.

Hire a professional moving company in Perth that can help you with packing items of all sizes and shapes of electronics.

3.  Extra protection

To minimize damage and scratches, wrap all your electronic devices properly and firmly.

Follow a few tips:

  • Wrap items like television & laptops with bubble wrap or moving blankets.
  • Wrap up your cords and batteries neatly
  • Store all your electronic devices in a temperature-controlled environment.
  • Use old clothes and towels to cushion the top and bottom of the boxes.
  • Fill any empty spaces in boxes with moving blankets.
  • Use plastic sheets to wrap the items like fans and other machines to prevent dust from getting into them.

Wrapping electronic devices can be difficult. So hire experienced removalists in adelaide to pack and move all your electronics with complete safety.

4.  Pack cords and wires separately

Instead of keeping all the wires, cords, chargers, and remote controls in the same box as their corresponding devices pack them separately to avoid any cracks or scratches.

Pack all these accessories in a plastic garbage bag and label them to know which cord belongs to which device.

If you wish to keep all the electronic devices safe, consider hiring cheap movers Ballarat.

5.  Label all boxes

There is nothing more frustrating than tearing all the moving boxes just to find a TV remote.

Once you are done with packing, label all your boxes.

Some labelling tips are:

  • Get some marker pens and small coloured stickers
  • Clearly label all of your fragile items as “Handle With Care”
  • Label every side of the box
  • Write the content of the box

In the end…

As compared to other household items, electronic devices always require little extra care and handling when moving.

Even the slightest mistake can wreak havoc on your valuable possessions.

So, follow the above packing tips to make sure all your electronic devices reach safely at the new location.