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Efficient Computer Virus Removal Method That Works

This process will remove all the major viruses that you might have downloaded to your Windows computer.

Step 1 – Download & install

There are various excellent and free computer virus removal programs that we use. Download and install these programs to your desktop. You shouldn’t have to pay for this – no need to update from the free version offered. Apart from this, there are various other ways that you can opt for efficient computer virus removal through

Step 2 – Safe Mode

Reboot your computer to safe mode. For most Windows-based systems, you can use F8 to access the Safe Mode menu when you reboot.

How: Open the Start button, select Restart. After the computer / laptop is off and back on, immediately press the F8 key repeatedly even if the computer starts beeping at you keep pushing the F8 key. It should bring up the menu to ask you if you would like to boot into safe mode.

If this doesn’t work, you can always do a hard reboot – pull power when your computer is active. If you are using a laptop, make sure you pull power and the battery while it is on. This should force you to the Safe Mode menu.

Step 3 – Run the Program & Reboot

After safe mode, run virus removal program. One by one. If one program does not capture viruses, other programs will. After both programs run in safe mode, reboot your computer and your virus must be removed. It’s really simple – 3 step guide for you to efficiently removing virus from your PC!

Now we suggest you delete these programs after your virus is lost. You will always need to download the latest version of the website if you get a virus again.